A Walk Inside My Story

“You can’t”,  were words I heard from a stranger on the other end of the phone when  I inquired about running my first marathon. “You can’t”, were the words I heard from my college coach when he saw my grades in math my first year. But despite the “I can’t”, I decided to prove others wrong. I wasn’t on the track or cross country team my first year of college. But I still trained with them every day. My grades kept me from competing but they didn’t keep me from training. I worked harder to reach my goals and I remember thinking I should use the training for a bigger goal.

This picture is me at 18 years-old running my first marathon. What you don’t see in the picture is I was running with a stress fracture in my pelvic bone. I didn’t know it at the time I only knew I had injured myself days before the marathon. I wasn’t going to let that stop me. You see determination in my stride. This is the same determination that helped me complete school, participate in clubs, sports and work my way through college despite my dyslexic. It wasn’t easy and in the beginning I didn’t even know the reason for my struggle in school. But I knew my family and friends were not going to let me give up.

That work ethic of determination has carried me through life. Running the 26.2 race with a stress fracture showed me that my determination would carry me through life’s biggest challenges. At the time 26.2 miles was the biggest goal I could think of so when I reached that goal I knew I could do anything.

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Dear Parents,

Dear Parent, I know you are worried about your child. “Will they ever read?” I know you search the internet for answers and only come up with more questions. But I am here to tell you that you are the answer. Your love, advocating and teaching will get your child further along in the world. […]

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Courage to Use the Resources

I have discovered on my dyslexia journey that it’s not just about the right tools, but the courage to use them. As Dyslexia Awareness Month ends I am faced with a new challenge as a dyslexic myself and as a mother. Everyday more technology is created to make life easier. Microsoft announced new technology to […]

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My Secret

I never told people I was dyslexic unless I knew they would “catch” my mistakes. That list usually included my direct supervisor and my family. I use to tell people in interviews that I was dyslexic when they would ask what my weakness is. Now, after advocating for my daughters,  I see what a mistake listing […]

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Sharing the Load…

As a dyslexic myself I know how tiring reading can be so I started taking turns reading with my 7-year-old daughter. She struggles to decode all the words in the sentence and re- reads it 6 times before she can move on to the next sentence.  I was able to determine she clearly understands the content in […]

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I still wake up Dyslexic

I find that the emphasis is on our dyslexic children and rightly so, because most of the issue with dyslexia can be re-mediated. If I had been diagnosed earlier I would have the right tools. So early screening is so important. As I approach 40 and lay awake at night thinking of all the work […]

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